Automotive's Intelligent Voice Assistant make In-Dash Multimedia smarter

April 09, 2020   Published in News form Typicam Technology Co

Automotive's Intelligent Voice Assistant make In-Dash Multimedia smarter


With the maturity of the Internet in Vehicles and intelligent voice recognition technology, more and more automakers have begun to launch new car models with intelligent voice assistant feature. Also, compared with many car owners who have bought cars for many years, its rising need to upgrade their cars with Ai voice commend for calling, music, gps navigation and so on which is the most safety way (Hands-Free, Eyes-Free) operation through voice commend other than touch the screen or push key/buttons for setting the relate media device.


In order to seize market opportunities, Apple's Car Play and Google's Android auto car head unit system, compete with each other since 2015. Combined with the voice assistant service (V1.0), it can execute simple commands and greatly improve driving safety.

In China, lots of car brand specially the Electronic car brand with voice assistant Ai feature, and call it “intelligent car” and can control more and more functions not only entertainments but also windows up/down, air conditions ON/OFF, Seat on.  With official report, 68% new energy brand car in China with Ai voice assistant feature, leading the way of revolution in car intelligence.


#AutoDefend focus on Ai concept technology and developed a lot customized features/languages to global markets and make car owner’s auto life more enjoyable and Safe. We call its Intelligent voice assistant V2.0 (Conversational AI), which not only recognize based on simple voice commend words or short sentence but can work as human beings after constantly Ai big data feed up. Similar as Siri in Iphone can communicate with us through very easy way. also its support language customized and accent recognize.


The era of intelligence is coming,  How to deal with new Ai technologies ?  Consider it and follow us.   


Auto Defend, Enjoying Ai safety autotrip!

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