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A Logistic truck is used for transporting cargo with featuers of  long-distance driving, night-driving, highway or downtown city street, hot or cold weather..etc make its a complex and diverse driving environment, the risk increasing. 

Truck/car blind spots have now become the "number one killer" of traffic accidents. Every year, blind spot accidents account for up to 75% of all traffic accidents (large or small)

Logistic truck side detection DVS,FORS,CLOCS

The pain points of Logistic truck: 

1.  Blind zone due to large-size truck, and drivers’ visions easy be blocked especially while they make a turn and change lanes.

2.  Fatigue driving due to long-time working easily get tired and drowsy, specially driving at night with poor vision ..etc

3.  Improper Driving due to no-monitoring conditions to driver(course to smoking/calling/non-concentration...) and high-risk driving behavior such as over-speed, over-loading.

View of Solution

Auto Defend is a high-end brand Vehicle Telematic safety system provider dedicated to strengthening vehicle fleet surveillance and safety. Our products are designed to enhance vehicle security by latest A.i. devices such as Two Proposal shared below:

#Solution 1:  V.A.I (Visual Artificial Intelligence) system, include Ai Controller Module, Ai cameras (ADAS,DSM,BSD), alarm/speaker, smart monitor system...etc

Logistic truck side detection DVS,FORS,CLOCS
No.1 : pls reference 7 inch LCD Monitor
No.2: pls reference AHD Camera (Rearview)
No.3: pls reference AHD camera (Side Mounted)
No.4: pls reference Interior LED indicators with Beep
No.5: pls reference External alarm (audio & vision) premium
No.6: pls reference Ai Controller Module 

#Solution 2:  Smart I.Radarvision system, include Radar controller module, 77Ghe radar unit(0-30m)  , LED&Buzzer indictor.
Logistic truck radar detection
-- Radar links the camera show on LCD monitor. (AHD camera without Ai scaning feature)
-- Radar detect zone can be programmed through USB/APP.
-- Radar/camera support max. 1-4 units
-- Its suitable for all types of Truck (Haulage,waste truck,Construction, Mine...etc).


1. Decrease the accident rate in blind area and assistant driver for turning left or right;

2. video stream available for surveillance real-time and playback for accident investigation;

3. Compare with camera + Ultrasonic sensor package, A.i. camera more easy on installation, and more friendly use for driver without frequently buzzer annoying;

4. DSM (driver status monitoring ) system support monitoring driver's bad behavior and re-educated if necessary;

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Since the year 2021, Auto Defend 2nd  generation Ai controller module installed in UK Logistic fleet, whole our engineer team invested a lot time & energy on local standard/compliance. The rich featured App and V8.0 A.i. algorithm upgraded till now verified as most reliable A.i. safety alarm system and most valued A.i. solution (flexible config ADAS,DSM, BSD) in UK market.

Logistic truck side detection DVS,FORS,CLOCS

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