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Industry status & market demand

Mining truck is a piece of powerful equipment often used on construction projects, it can be one of the most dangerous machines in the Mine construction site. 
Mine truck A.i. safetyMine truck A.i. safetyMine truck A.i. safety

The pain points of Mining truck: 

1.  Blind zone due to large-size truck machine around;

2.  Fatigue driving due to long-time working, so-called “relax open environments”..etc

3.  Improper Driving due to no-monitoring conditions to driver(course to smoking/calling/non-concentration...) and poor working environments lead to driver Physical discomfort (Noise/vibration in cab, complicated geography at mine site, /headache/Nausea/sleeplessness...)

View of Solution

Auto Defend is a high-end brand Vehicle Telematic safety system provider dedicated to strengthening vehicle fleet surveillance and safety. Our products are designed to enhance vehicle security by latest A.i. devices such as Two Proposal shared below:
#Solution 1:  V.A.I (Visual Artificial Intelligence) system, include Ai Controller Module, Ai cameras (ADAS,DSM,BSD), alarm/speaker, smart monitor system...etc
#Solution 2:  Smart I.Radarvision system, include Radar controller module, 77Ghe radar unit(0-30m) , LED&Buzzer indictor.

Mine truck collision avoidance


1. Reduce accident rate (include collision & improper driving);

2. The mining productivity has been increased due to less accidents;

3. Less investment on risk-education/3rd party complain & claim due to precise positioning of risks by A.i. safety kits;

4. Improved operation effective as whole system under monitoring (include driver, truck, operator, site) ;

--------------------------- Typicam Cases Study-----------------------------

More and More mining companies around the world installed Auto Defend A.I. Mine safety system. Such as: MMG; Tata Steel; ACC etc.  Here takes one for case study reference.

Mine truck collision avoidance

Mine truck collision avoidance

Auto Defend A.I. Safety solution benefits brings to local MMC:

1. Mine truck fleet total accident rate(include collision & improper driving and else) directly reduces 70(among relate to driver reduced 92% with the A.i camera alert & KPI report pressure to driver)

2. The mining productivity has been increased 7% due to less accidents and higher effective;

3. Total complain & claim & yearly property loss (About 15 million US dollars) has been avoid.

4. The safety rate in local recording increase and company reputation&background improved.

5. The satisfy rate among mine works/operators/drivers/3rd party contractors increased 8.5%.


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