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We have 8 years experience in manufacturing car electronics products include truck reverse camera,monitor,alarm system for a wide range of industries and applications. since 2018, we focus on new cutting-edge technologies such as intelligence artifical system, inlcude ADAS,DSM, collicision avoidance system mainly in Road construction/mining/MHE euqipments and Logisitc industries. With advanced production facilities and reliability test equipment,Auto Defend Compliance with all necessary certifications ISO 9001、EMC、FCC、ROHS、E-mark IP69K..etc.and win the trust & recognized by global partners and suppliers.

Company Profile Video

Company Profile Video

Leading A.i. Vision Technologies from design to production;
- Focus on Fleet Safety Driving
- Specialized on Mine,Construction,MHE Forklift, Logisitic&Haulage

Highest Standard Full Procedure Quality Control; 
- CE,Emark,FCC,ROHS,ISO9001
- UN ECE R151,R159,R159, DDAW

Typicam(Auto Defend) R&D Capability

We focuses on latest Ai innovative technologies from design to production
  • Professional Engineers team filled Research and Development System
  • From design to production, TTC has strong R&D capability and internal procedure to complete it
  • Reliable partners network support for key components & core technology development

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Factory Production line & Test equipments

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