Computer Vision ( Ai ) Drive Fleet Safety

May 08, 2019   Published in News form AUTO DEFEND

Computer Vision ( Ai ) Drive Fleet Safety

The advents of disruptive technologies including CV AI, voice, and mixed reality have introduced a futuristic vision to the smart vehicle experience. Specially the computer vision AI benefits a lot and improved the safety level in fleet management. Compared to traditional machine vision systems, CV deep learning models achieve far greater performance, robustness, and flexibility. Hence, computer vision deep learning is the gold standard for most modern vision systems.

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For Example : Driver Status Monitoring system (DSM) - Reducing Human Error Through Vision-based Monitoring

The automakers or vision solution provider are trying to minimize the 95 percent of traffic accidents caused by human error through driver monitoring technology which tracks driver behavior, identifies if a driver is distracted or fatigued, and intervenes before an accident occurs.

Such systems depend upon in-car sensors that capture what’s going on in the vehicle’s interior. Employing computer vision and facial recognition technology, the sensor data enables these monitoring systems to track and process a driver’s facial expressions, eye movements, and head position to understand his status and behavior. It can detect the potential issue can send an alert to the driver. Also in more advanced vehicles it can automatically pull over and bring the car to a stop.

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Then, another case is Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) will help autonomous vehicles become a reality. Blind spot detection can alert a driver as he or she tries to move into an occupied lane. Lane departure warning and Lane Keep Aid alerts the driver if the car is drifting outside its lane and actively steers the car back into their own lane. Pedestrian detection notifies the driver that pedestrians are in front or behind the car and Automatic Emergency Braking applies the brakes to avoid an accident or pedestrian injury. As ADAS features are combined, we get closer to autonomous vehicles—all enabled by high-performance vision processing.

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# Auto Defend developed Ai vision for Blind Spot Detection since 2019, as leading solution provider in this application and now its the most successful supplier for this technology in production. Support single Ai camera/2 BSD or 4BSD in same Ai head unit. The next step is 360 birdview with Ai features. The main industries is Truck/MHE/Bus which have high-risk in people’s working life.

Auto Defend, Enjoying Ai safety autotrip!

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