How Driver Fatigue monitoring camera A.i. benefits in Logistic/cold-chain truck safe ?

July 26, 2023   Published in News form AUTO DEFEND

Driver fatigue or drowsy driving is a safety hazard for the road transport industry. The main causes of fatigue are not enough sleep, driving at night (when you should be asleep) and working or being awake for a long time.It is very important for all companies to be aware of the signs of fatigue and distraction within their fleet. - AutoDefend expert have lots stories listened from our global clients and stress how important of this A.i. fatigue & drowsy detection.


AutoDefend release new driver fatigue monitoring A.i powered camera standalone system(Model No. TTC168), which is full new design ;


1>,  unique ID design with patent;

2>,  basic fatigue, distriction features all supports; such as call, smoking,yawning,look around, block camera...etc

3>, new padding recognize and vibration feature support unique features of Auto Defend;  highly recognze of seatbelt and vibration features is unique;

4>,  3 variant version supportable for market demand.

5>,  price competative


- Why with built-in Wi-Fi ?   -- because some market/applications (ex.  Mine site) 3G/4G internet is poor and expensive, with wifi able to link cloud platform free of charge.  also the wifi connect with phone app to do basic setting.

- Why with GPS ?  --  detect speed of vehicle , when vehicle stop or less than X,  DSM detection not works...decrease the alert frequencyanoying driver.

- why with RS232 ? -- integrated with GPS tracker or MDVR,  transfer data (3 photos and 10 seconds alarm video) to Tracker/MDVR upload to platform.

- why with Vibration padding?  -- its optional, by touch/punch features other than audio alert. 


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