AutoDefend A.i Controller kits Success pass the test of ECE R151,R159 Regulations Date:2023.12

December 31, 2023   Published in News form AUTO DEFEND

AutoDefend developed the A.i camera kit for pedestrians detection since the year 2020 in Europe market, China, US, Indonesia, South Africa...etc.

After more than 3 years development and focus on Construction truck & equipment and Mining truck, Haulage truck, Forklift sectors applications, AutoDefend A.i controller kits collected more than 100 TB video data for above sectors from different markets to study A.i algorithm and improve its recongnize accurancy and detection logic design (camera mounted position, algorithm rule, beeper display output, LCD monitor output, voice module output).


Since Q1 2021, AutoDefend engineer team started investigated R151,R159 regulations items and tried to use A.i vision technology meet all requirements replace the ultronic sensor + camera;  Till Q2 of 2022, the A.i controller kit launched to market and keep improve & debug for different vehicle truck type...finanlly, AutoDefend team passed full test of R151,R159 and get approved/certified by TUV (Released 3rd Test Report) 

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