What's main difference compare CMSV6 and Wailon platform ?

August 02, 2023   Published in News form AUTO DEFEND

Wialon is a fleet management system that is also utilized for mobile as well as stationary asset tracking. Wialon GPS fleet tracking has been operating in the international market for over 15 years and has entered the markets of more than 130 countries. This solution supports a wide range of cartographic services utilized in tracking such as Bing Maps, Google Maps, etc.


While CMSV6 platform is the ministry of communications with JT/T 808, JT/T 809 standards in China, almost all the hardware (gps tracker, mdvr, terminals) in China which under management by ministry of communications have to integrated with JT/T808, JT/T809 protocol.

Alarm types support: the emergency alarm button, the video signal alarm, illegal to open the door alarm, hard disk error alarm, speed/low speed alarm, mobile detection alarm, parking time is too long alarm, temperature alarm, GPS signal loss... nowadays as lots Chinese factory hardware exported to global market, lots of oversea distributors or fleets company use CMSV6 platform, which not required to integrated with other platform private protocol, and its license cost per unit is cheaper. Also API / SDK is open and able to new development by local IT companies.


AutoDefend A.i safety telematics system support both CMSV6 platform and Wailon, its give options for our clients based on their market demands.

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