Auto Defend A.i.Process Unit For employee’s Safety on construction site/mine site

June 30, 2023   Published in News form AUTO DEFEND

Construction safety is a critical concern in the construction industry, and its importance is only increasing due to the escalating complexity of projects and challenges. Unfortunately, traditional safety measures are no longer enough to keep workers and property safe in our increasingly tech-savvy world. This is why construction safety must evolve to meet current needs by leveraging the latest advances in AI technology.


AI-based building monitoring systems use cutting-edge technologies, including advanced photo recognition and 3D scanning, cloud-based computing, and machine learning.

AI-based building monitoring makes it easier for construction site managers to detect potential safety issues and take corrective action quickly. This technology has made it possible for construction sites to remain safe and efficient in ways never imagined. 

Such as below examples: the A.i camera can recognize and active alert for personal interaction.

  • Reflective vest detection;

  • Helmets detection;

  • Smoking detection;

  • Fire detection;

  • Phone call detection;

  • Man falling detection;

  • Non-authorized/risk zone detection;

The diagram of A.i. based technology works in construction site:

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