Mine truck Traffic Rules - How A.i.Technology benefits mine equipment ?

June 19, 2023   Published in News form AUTO DEFEND

Vehicle Movements:

• Drivers shall keep a safe distance of at least three truck lengths or 50 metres behind a haul truck when travelling.  This should be increased for wet or slippery conditions.

• Do not drive through witches hats or other barricades or barriers.

• Vehicles are not to be driven over unprotected electrical cables or other services.

• Seat Belts are to be worn at all times.  Travelling in the back of utilities or other non-belted positions is prohibited.

• Flashing amber lights must be operating while travelling in the mining area.

• Entering onto, or crossing, haul roads.

• Light vehicles and service vehicles must fully stop before crossing, or turning onto haul roads and check carefully for haul road traffic.

• Light vehicles and service vehicles must give way to all haul trucks and other heavy vehicles – caution must be taken to observe turning vehicles.

• Light vehicles will give way to other light vehicles from the right.


Signs and Speed Limits:

• All site traffic signs must be obeyed.

• Always drive to suit the conditions, reduce speed in poor visibility or slippery road conditions.

• Speed limits are: 45 km/h on surface haul roads,

30 km/h on ramps in the pit area,

10 km/h in the workshop and fuelling area,

20 km/h elsewhere on site.


Parking : 

• Parking on the haul road or ramps is not permitted except in the case of breakdown or emergency, in which case a radio call must be made to notify other road users.  If a vehicle is parked on any incline, the wheels must be turned into a wall or bund.

• Light vehicles must park at least 50 metres from any operating plant, in a clearly visible position and where possible out of the way of through traffic.  The vehicle must be turned off, left in gear with the handbrake applied and the flashing light on.

• Vehicles must not be parked behind parked or standing plant or where they are not clearly visible.

• Equipment is to be parked with all GET implements lowered to ground.

• Drivers must ensure that they have a clear path before moving off after parking.

• Vehicles are not to be parked near bench faces or under the pit high walls.


Warning Signals:

• Drivers of operating machinery shall sound the horn and wait 5 seconds: 

Once before starting the engine,

Twice  before moving in a forward direction and

Three Times before moving in a reverse direction.

• These signals are to be used whenever the machine has been turned off, or the driver has been out of the vehicle, in the workshop or fuelling area, or any other place where persons on the ground or light vehicle drivers could be endangered.


Auto Defend A.i. collision avoidance system separated 2 series.  Indoor safety and outdoor safety:

- indoor safety A.i, inlcude ADAS, DSM camera system, which is monitoring driver fatigue status and driving behaviors; while ADAS is advance forward collision warning system, also its able to connect with speed limiter module control and slow down the truck speed till stop if necessary.

- outdoor safety A.i. include Blind sport detection, back detection, forward proximity radar detection.


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