Forklift tips - Auto Defend

June 21, 2023   Published in News form AUTO DEFEND

Forklift safety should be the number one priority in a workplace/warehosue/sea port and so on. Each year, more than one-third of the deaths attributed to forklifts are pedestrians. Roughly 100 deaths per year are caused by forklifts, 36% are pedestrians, 16% are crushed by the forklift, 20% struck by the forklift and the rest are all other accidents. Other forklift accidents lead to significant damage and injuries; and many are totally avoidable. A.i. safety system become more secure in industry and get more and more attentions. Auto Defend system (forklift collision avoidance system P112 with A.i. detection and radar detection ensure forklift safety)


The tips for forklift safety:

1. Drive slow

2. Move your load low and ensure forward is clear and safe, otherwise please move reverse

3. Familiar to use camera,monitor and A.i. safety alert system

4. Inspect the forklift conditions and study well the manual

5. Install smart speed limiter system


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