Vibration Cushion/padding for Fatigue Monitoring System

June 13, 2023   Published in News form AUTO DEFEND

Each year, drowsy driving/fatigue driving accounts for about 100,000 crashes, 71,000 injuries and 1,550 fatalities, according to the National Safety Council (NSC), which is incredibly dangerous and it’s important for drivers to be aware of the risks.


Since 2017,2018, few leading A.i.solution provider developed the A.i.fatigue camera (DSM camera) to monitoring whole driving status and active alert warning for driver. Also compatible with vibration seat cushion as touchable alert, its very good idea and design.


There few vibration cushion or padding solution for fatigue monitoring system, lets have a compare whats the difference and its benefits each of them.


But in construction, Mine, MHE industry all heavy truck & equipment, the driver set in a cabin which is open,too heavy noise,vibration grade from seat much higher than private small car or taxi, above vibration cushion/padding solution, there is not so identify vibration alert to put under seat for driver. 


Typicam Technology Co.(Auto Defend) as leading A.i. safety solution provider in Mine,Construction,MHE industry many years, we developed a new seat belt padding (Model: TTC-CV-M555) for driver in above industry as fatigue monitoring “warning”, which near your heart and “punch ”you with different frequent mode to keep you attention during your long-way driving trip. Lets see hows benefits. 


1) . With seat belt padding easy for recognized by A.i.fatigue camera, with less false alarm of “no wear seat belt”;

2) . The vibration motors built-in padding near driver’s heart, its easiler to weak up driver from fatigue conditions.

3) . The seat cushion can be easy removed by driver or replace it. While this special padding can’t remove or replace by driver, as once removed, the “no wear seat belt” alert will be actived immediately.

4) . The seat cushion vibrators in Construction/Mine/Heavy equipment cable so weakness, the seat belt padding able to control whole those conditions.

Note: This seat belt padding connects to the Auto Defend TTC168/TTC-CV-P112 Driver Fatigue System and vibrates whenever the driver fatigue alarm activates.

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