79Ghz millimeter wave radar detection system - I.Radarvision from Auto Defend

June 15, 2023   Published in News form AUTO DEFEND

Why need millimeter Radar for long-distance trip driving and the night-mode operation at site ?

The camera vision have weakness in different conditions such as heavy rainy,Foggy,snowy and poor performance at night driving even with infrared lighting in camera.


There 24Ghz, 77Ghz, 79Ghz millimeter wave radar in market, how to select ?  its based on actual demand.

-- What's the difference between 24Ghz and 77Ghz ?

The range resolution of a 77GHz system can be 4cm while 24GHz radar only 75cm, and 77Ghz radar allowing better detection of multiple objects that are close together. If consider same performance, 77Ghz can make 1/3 smaller than 24Ghz. As long as chip set upgrading, more and more radar move from 24Ghz to 77Ghz, the cost of 77Ghz will be decreased for sure.


-- whats the difference between 77Ghz and 79Ghz ?

From below pictures, 77Ghz radar able to detect a person away from the vehicle, but it became difficult to detect the person approached the vehicle, its means if a person near a vehicle,  while another vehicle installed 77Ghz radar moving pass this vehicle, it can’t recognize a person there. While 79Ghz able to detect vehicle and person separately and stably with higher resolution. 

Typicam Technology Co.(Auto Defend) as leading A.i. safety solution provider in Mine,Construction,MHE industry many years, we developed i.radarvision system special for above industry pain points.  
TTC-CV-P210 support single radar or 2 radar or 1*radar+1*camera or 2*radar+2*camera;     
TTC-CV-P410 support 1/2/3/4* radar+1/2/3/4* camera, which is more flexible meet customer’s demand.


Such as Mine truck front bumble, with large blind zone, 1 single radar is not enough, some huge size Mine truck need install 3*radar at front bumble detect workers/operators or car,equipment... 

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