Standalone Fatigue monitoring camera - Auto Defend TTC168 got approved in UK.

June 15, 2023   Published in News form AUTO DEFEND

Driver fatigue monitoring system, also called DSM (Driver Status Monitoring), usually installed at cabin dashboard or A-pillar monitor driver’s face. After more than 5 years developments, fatigue monitoring camera familiar by lots distributors/system integrator/service providers around the world. 

Lots of players in China mainland,Taiwan,Korea,Japan promote its own A.i.algorithm and nice ID design, but hows the difference and the benefits, lets have a look.

The main 3 types of DSM fatigue monitoring camera:

1) . Stand alone DSM camera, supply with power, it works, the Ai chip set builted in.

2) . The DSM camera only with camera lens, it should connect with A.i. controller box or Ai MDVR.

3) . The DSM camera only works with certain brand of GPS tracker 


Typicam Technology Co.(Auto Defend) as leading A.i. safety solution provider in Mine,Construction,MHE industry many years, we developed above both 1) and 2) fatigue monitoring system to meet our global clients’ requirements. Also some new features is unique design, such a seat belt padding (TTC-CV-555) with vibration mode, hot sales both online and offline with different package options.


Whats more, based on different vehicle annual inspection rule, we designed different DSM camera ID for dashboard mounted or A pillar or window shield. 


Auto Defend Fatigue monitoring system consider almost applications, Mine truck, con-struck, logistic truck or taxi, bus, van...etc, with GPS, wifi, APP, RS232 widely features support for integration.

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